Friday, July 14, 2006


A quite good analysis by Amal Saad-Ghorayeb, assistant professor of political science at the Lebanese-America University, on the last crisis on the middle east.

Act 1: Ghaza, 1 (one) soldier is captured. Israel’s reaction is demolishing homes, killing and imprisoning hundreds of civilians.

Act 2: A couple of soldiers are captured by Hezbollah. Israel’s reaction is demolishing airports, homes, roads, and killings civilians.

Targetting civilians and still claiming fighting terrorism.

How beautiful!


slix said...

Hi Jallal,

and some politicians said that Israel has the right to defend herself !

Vanderknowledge said...

Israel is not the enemy of Islam. God is.

Karim said...


I think you are confusing Islam with the atrocities that are committed in its name. If we were to judge Christianism by the atrocities the crusaders committed in the Holy Land centuries ago (atrocities for which the catholic church has apologized), or by the religion wars that raged in Europe after the Reformation, then we would have to make the same statement about Christianism as well. I recommend that you try to get your facts straight, and that you try to read about Islam from unbiased sources (where you will be able to realize that Islam and Christianism have a lot in common) before making this kind of hazardous judgement.

Jallal said...

Hi Slix,

Israel is behaving like a spoiled kid who wants to get rid of his toys (F16s, all kinds of weapons, etc.) in order to get new ones.

Israel’s policy has been a disaster from the outset, because it has always been based on force. As a result, Israel didn’t earn but disrespect and wrath from all its neighbors. Israel should know that its interests lie in winning the trust and the respect from its neighboring countries. Because, the fact is, these neighbors will stay there no matter what Israel does. And Force-based policy will ultimately fail.