Thursday, September 08, 2005

All Moroccan schools to have internet connection in three years

Morocco is launching a project aiming at equipping all schools with Internet connections within three years, which will benefit six millions students. The cost, it is said, is only about US $133 millions. This is certainly a good move, and might help our future youth to use the Net in other ways than chatting, which is by far the activity of choice of today’s Moroccans. Besides that, such a decision means, logically, that Morocco should hire a large number of computer application teachers and IT technicians. Logically. Wait and see!

On a different, albeit related, topic, there are 100,000 Moroccan subscribers to Internet, 60% of which using the ADSL. Although the price for having such a service is slightly higher than, say, in the US, and although salaries are by no means comparable between the two countries, it is quite interesting that many people in Morocco assert that ADSL is not expensive. Getting used to expensive life might explain such a difference in price appreciation!