Wednesday, August 09, 2006

George Galloway on the war in Lebanon

If you haven't already seen the interview of George Galloway on Sky News about the Lebanon war, you definitely should immediately do so. You can either try this link, or, better still, this one. Here is someone who is not a racist, and who has the courage and moral integrity to stand up for justice and for truth:

"You don't give a damn! You don't even know about the Palestinian families! You don't even know that they exist! Tell me the name of one member of the seven members of the same family swatted on the beach in Gaza by an Israeli warship! You don't even know their name, but you know the name of every Israeli soldier who've been taken prisoner in this conflict because you believe whether you know it or not that Israeli blood is more valuable than that the blood of Lebanese or Palestinian! That's the truth! And the discerning of your viewers already know it!"


Anonymous said...

Thank you for this video, It's unfortunate that such things are not widely viewed so people can understand better who are the terrosists.

Anonymous said...

Merci pour cette video, karim. Ca m'a vraiment remonte le moral hier soir. Je pense qu'il faut la faire circuler par tous les moyens. Quant a George Galloway... voici enfin un homme libre.


slix said...

thanks Karim...I've already watch this video...there is another one of Noam Chomsky here

As a said, unfortunately there is only non arabs and non muslims who have the courage to denounce...

Karim said...


"It's unfortunate that such things are not widely viewed"

Don't worry, George Galloway's clip will be seen by thousands. I have seen it on several blogs, on, and on information clearing house. What we actually need, as Slix mentioned, is more people who have the courage to stand for the truth, as Mr. Galloway did. Mainstream politicians will be afraid to put an abrupt end to their political careers if they speak like that, and I cannot really blame them, because we, arabs and muslims, have this lethargical tendency not to take part in politics in our host countries. We unfortunately lack the electoral discipline needed to be able to influence political decisions in this country and elsewhere.