Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Dennis Prager: Five questions non-muslims would like answered

In a recent LA Times article, radio talk show host Dennis Prager has addressed five provocative questions to the US muslim community that, he contends, non-muslims would like answered. The questions are as follows:

(1) Why are you so quiet? [i.e. : in the face of all the terror committed in the name of Islam]

(2) Why are none of the Palestinian terrorists Christian?

(3) Why is only one of the 47 Muslim-majority countries a free country?

(4) Why are so many atrocities committed and threatened by Muslims in the name of Islam?

(5) Why do countries governed by religious Muslims persecute other religions?

After having asked the above questions, he goes on to explain his motives:

"As a member of the media for nearly 25 years, I have a long record of reaching out to Muslims. Muslim leaders have invited me to speak at major mosques. In addition, I have studied Arabic and Islam, have visited most Arab and many other Muslim countries and conducted interfaith dialogues with Muslims in the United Arab Emirates as well as in the U.S. Politically, I have supported creation of a Palestinian state and supported (mistakenly, I now believe) the Oslo accords.

Hundreds of millions of non-Muslims want honest answers to these questions, even if the only answer you offer is, "Yes, we have real problems in Islam." Such an acknowledgment is infinitely better — for you and for the world — than dismissing us as anti-Muslim.

We await your response."

Now, here is a chance to explain our side of the story to somebody who is willing to listen. Any ideas on how one may, in an honest and objective way, address Mr. Prager's questions?


crucivore said...

Je voudrai bin répondre à ce monsieur, mais comment ?
qui traduira mes réponses?

Karim said...

Si Crucivore: Le monsieur en question a une adresse email sur son website. Je suppose que puisqu'il a pose ces questions, et sollicite des reponses, il doit etre interesse par ecouter ce que nous avons a dire. A part cela, je ne me considere pas comme etant doue en traduction, mais je serai ravi d'essayer de produire une version anglaise decente de tes reponses. Quand tu auras redige ton texte, envoie-le moi par email, arabobservers@gmail.com

Blue VelVet said...

salut les amis!
un ami ma envoye sa reponse.je vous l'envoie par email.merci de la faire parvenir a Prager.