Thursday, October 20, 2005

On Saddam's trial

Read, today, a very good opinion piece by Gassan Sharbal, editor in chief of al-Hayat, about the trial of former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. Check it out when you get a chance: it's just excellent.

In my personal opinion, Saddam is someone who deserves the death penalty not only once, but a million times. And yet, for the sake of justice, he must have the right to a fair trial, with due process and access to legal counsel.

A friend of mine jokingly told me: "If it was for me, I would just let him go." Then he added: "On the condition that he takes home in some popular (i.e. modest) neighborhood of Baghdad."

I bet there are a lot of shia in Sadr City (and elsewhere) who would love to have him as a neighbor :)


slix said...

Saddam is guilty...but the judges are puppets...the tribunal is a theater...and some iraqis are taking advantage of the situation whereas the majority of them are paying the price...for being iraqi

Karim said...

Hi Slix, and welcome to our blog.

Yes, you're right: the judges are puppets (whether this is relevant at all is debatable of course -- for me it is not that relevant). However, I am not sure I follow you when you say that some are "taking advantage" of the situation. As you know very well, the chaos in Iraq predates the capture of Saddam, and did not have much to do with his trial. As for the rest of Iraqis, I agree that Saddam's trial will change nothing to the vicissitudes of their daily life, but as a matter of principle it is important that he answers for the crimes he committed against his fellow citizens during his tenure in office.

Jawad said...

Slix: It does not matter whether the judges are puppets or not. You said it yourself: Saddam is guilty. So, Good riddance. I know a few other "leaders" on whom I wish the same fate.

slix said...

Hi Karim and jawad, and Thanks Karim.

You're right but when I see some iraqis saying to the cameras :"Thank you USA, thank you Mr. Bush" and "God bless America" and on the other hand iraqi blood runs every makes me thinking...May be we forget that americans helped Saddam for years...and now they talk about justice. Why these iraqis people didn't make a revolution...why they waited until USA comes and shia and sunna are killing each others to shout "yes to USA, death for Saddam" ? The answer, in my opinion, is because they are interested in positions in the government that's it that all.

I don't have statistic but can you tell me how many people Saddam has killed and how many people are dying every day in Iraq since this war?

Yes Saddam is guilty and he must be judged but they should stop talking about justice and democracy...

We all know that by the end of this game...Saddam will be please skip this hypocrisy.