Friday, July 08, 2005

Top ten opinion articles on London attacks: Karim's picks

Here is a short list of the most interesting articles I have read so far on the London attacks (I will update the list in the next few days as I read more articles). After I am done with the list, I will try to comment on each article and why I included it in my list (at Jallal's suggestion, I might also do a "worst article" list):

1. Khaled al-Harrub, Palestinian writer and London resident, in al-Hayat, on how the muslim community in England should respond to the London attacks.

2. Op-ed piece by Thomas Friedman in the NY Times: If it's a muslim problem, it needs a muslim solution. [For an arabic version of this article, click here.]

3. The Newsweek editor Fareed Zakaria, in Khaleej Times International: Prevailing over terror

4. Abdurrahmane Arrashid, in Asharq al-Awsat: قلنا لكم امنعوهم.. واليوم نقول اطردوهم

5. Ghassan Charbal, Editor in chief of al-Hayat: في سياق الحرب العالمية

6. Carlos Fuentes, in the spanish newspaper El Pais: London, the terror

7. Tareq al-Hamid, in Asharq al-Awsat: ارفع القبعة احتراما

8. Jamal Khashqaji, in al-Ittihad: من بين ركام تفجيرات لندن: لماذا يتطرف مسلم ويعتدل آخر؟

9. Olivier Roy, entretien accorde au quotidien francais Le Monde du 09 Juillet 2005.

10. Jihad al-Khazen, in al-Hayat: (الارهاربيون لا يستحقون الحياة)

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