Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Each new day which passes convinces me a little more of the great political maturity of the shia leadership in Iraq. While, a few days ago, the sunni leader and vice-president Ghazi al-Yawr was asking for seven ministries for the sunnis in the new iraqi government (despite the fact that sunni arabs are a tiny minority in the newly elected parliament), today, there was a report in al-Hayat that Grand Ayatollah al-Seestani has advised the prime minister to offer ten ministries to the sunnis as an effort of goodwill to appease the fears of shii hegemony of their sunni brethren. I am decidedly very impressed by the Grand Ayatollah's moderation.

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Jallal said...

It shows indeed how wise Al-seestani is. Nonetheless, it remains to be seen whether this decision reflects the individual class and depth of vision of Al-Seestani or whether it is natural indeed, giving the general trend among the shia leadership in Iraq.